SWISD GT Referral Form

This form is designed to give parents and/or teachers an opportunity to nominate a student enrolled at Southwest ISD to be screened for the Gifted and Talented Program. Each campus along with district staff will collaborate to screen nominated students in order to determine if they should receive gifted and talented services at the school. Not all students who are screened will automatically qualify to receive gifted and talented services. If you would like to nominate your child for the gifted and talented program please complete this form. Referrals are accepted year-round with an annual testing window. Please contact the school if you have any further questions regarding G/T testing or services. Other information that is considered in the referral process includes: input from the campus educators, a teacher survey form and anecdotal, samples of student work, grades, achievement test data, and educational abilities test data. Additional Information about the G/T Program can be found here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1G0aP9t1IWwrjXyqNwt4cqJ0xL-5leFjv/view Please take a few moments to help us understand your child in his/her learning and interactions. This information will help the district GT Committee make a professional determination if he/she should receive GT services. Student ID is required to submit this form, please have it ready before submitting it. If you do not know your student's ID, please contact their campus to obtain it before proceeding.

General Information

Southwest ISD

Parent/Guardian Permission For Assessment And Participation

Previous GT Screening

Parent Inventory

Instructions: Please choose the frequency for each item that you feel best describes your child. Almost Always Sometimes Rarely Not Observed

  1. Asks a lot of questions
  2. Tells detailed stories
  3. Has a large vocabulary
  4. Engages in world play/puns
  5. Has unusual ideas/makes unpredictable connections
  6. Discusses his/her interests in detail
  7. Notices patterns
  8. Shows strong feelings and opinions
  9. Prefers to talk with adults/older children rather than peers
  10. Is concerned with social issues/”grown-up problems”
  11. Initiates projects at home
  12. Is a good guesser rather than a memorizer
  13. Is keenly observant
  14. Enjoys solving riddles, puzzles
  15. May be able to solve problems without being able to explain how
  16. Displays persistence when faced with a challenge
  17. May not be motivated by grades

Please share about a time when your child surprised you with his/her ability, depth of understanding, and/or knowledge on a topic.

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